England have been charged by UEFA for the presence of a laser pointer and the booing of the Danish national anthem

Schmeichel targeted with laser

England’s win over Denmark in the Euro 2020 semi-final was marred with controversy thanks to a soft penalty given to Raheem Sterling in extra time.

The England international was sent to the floor after a coming together between himself Joakim Maehle and Mathias Jensen.

Whether or not the penalty was legitimate or not, what followed wasn’t. Kasper Schmeichel had been targeted by a laser during the game, spotted by his teammates.

Southampton defender Jannik Vestergaard spoke to the press after the game and said he saw the laser prior to the penalty and said the referee had been made aware.

“I do not know if he did it at the penalty, but he did it already in the first half. There were several things that were not necessarily fair from the spectators, but when there is a lot at stake, then all means are clearly allowed,” said Vestergaard.

“I notice it and also see that Pierre makes the judge aware of it.”

Images emerged after that the laser had indeed been used during the penalty.

England charged by UEFA

In the wake of the incident, the English FA have now been charged by UEFA for a violation of rules relating to the laser pointer and the booming of the Danish national anthem.

There has been 3 separate charges:

  • Use of a laser pointer
  • Disturbance caused by its supporters during the national anthem
  • Lighting of fireworks by its supporters

The outcome of the charge is not yet known.

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