Editor’s Note: Hubert Hurkacz is into his first Grand Slam semi-final at Wimbledon. This story was originally published on 14 April 2020.

Hubert Hurkacz, who has adhered to a vegan diet for the past two years, caught up with ATPTour.com this week about his food choices and favourite meals.

What made you go vegan? Was it a result of tests or a recommendation?
It was a little bit of recommendation, but also watching programmes about food. I started to feel pretty good, with more energy, so I continued with it.

What is your go-to meal to cook during the stay-at-home order?
With my cooking skills, it’s pasta, with some veggies, tomato sauce and maybe some nuts. That would be for lunch.

What foods would you eat in Poland that you can’t find anywhere else?
It’s pretty easy to find all sorts of foods, but I do like Indian, Thai food, Pad Thai, which I’ve eaten for a couple of days. It’s still okay to get food where I am in Florida, maybe with the exception of toilet paper, which is pretty tough.

What unhealthy foods would you like to eat but you don’t?
I’m not really a fan of sweets, but I do love ice cream. There are some vegan options too.

Aside from pasta, what other food do you like to cook?
I eat some Burritos, with some veggies inside, and guacamole.

What’s your favourite fruit?
I really like strawberries, I think they taste great.

Are there any foods you disliked as a kid that you eat now to help your diet, or just because you like it?
I think when I was a kid, I didn’t like salad at all and I didn’t like most of the veggies. Now I’ve got used to them and they taste good.

What do you typically eat during a match? Anything particularly interesting?
I’d probably eat something two hours before a match, but it’s tougher when they play best-of-five as you never know when you may start. You can eat snacks, but I eat rice, veggies and tomato sauce before a match. During the match, I eat bananas and dates that give me energy.

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Which city on the ATP Tour has the best food and why?
I think Shanghai is very good. They have catering from Austria, it’s really great and you can order whatever you want.

Which three heroes/celebrities would you invite to dinner and why?
It would be nice to have dinner with Roger [Federer], Robert Lewandowski, a Polish footballer, and I’m struggling for a third person…!

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