Three huge problems with England’s penalty vs Denmark

The Sterling penalty

England needed to go to extra time and with the help of a questionable penalty in order to progress past Denmark in the semi final of Euro 2020.

This is the furthest England have gone in a major international tournament since 1966 when Booby Moore’s side lifted the World Cup.

However, the penalty itself has caused a large amount of controversy.

Sterling picked up the ball on the right hand side of the pitch and ran into the box where he was seemingly caught by Joakim Maehle. There was also a body check from Matthias Jensen. However, the award of a penalty did seem very soft at the time and the likes Gary Neville concurred in the post-match analysis.

3 problems with the penalty

The decision has caused quite a stir online amongst many supporters who were not backing the Three Lions to progress.

Italian broadcaster Carlo Garganese posted a tweet highlighting 3 of the major issues.

  1. There was two balls on the pitch.
  2. He felt that it wasn’t enough for a penalty to be given.
  3. A laser was pointing in the face of Kasper Schmeichel.

Danish defender Jannik Vestergaard spoke after the match and noticed the laser during the game.

“I do not know if he did it at the penalty, but he did it already in the first half. There were several things that were not necessarily fair from the spectators, but when there is a lot at stake, then all means are clearly allowed,” said Vestergaard.

“I notice it and also see that Pierre makes the judge aware of it.”

Retrospective action is yet unclear but nothing has been mentioned thus far.

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