UEFA, Super League conspiracy theory spreads over why England beat Denmark

The penalty of the decade

Less than 24-hours since England qualified for their first final of an international tournaments since 1966. Yet the reasoning for them getting there has caused quite the stir amongst the footballing community both in the UK and abroad.

Raheem Sterling was brought down in the box after a collision with both Joakim Maehle and Mathias Jensen.

Some have given many reasons as to why the penalty shouldn’t have been given, whilst others have said that Sterling was simply ‘street wise.’

UEFA Conspiracy theory

However some have gone the extra distance and even conjured some unbelievable conspiracy theories.

The Spanish Football Podcast first highlighted the news this morning’s broadcast of Spanish radio.

The theory claims that due to alleged involvement by Boris Johnson in the collapse of the Super League, with the 6 Founding Clubs from England pulling out first, UEFA have repaid the favour by looking favourably on the penalty call on Sterling.

This was followed up by Gazzetta dello Sport who went as far to say the penalty ‘confirms the suspicions’ that many had. Crazy.

It does make you question should UEFA have wanted to look kindly on England, why Harry Kane’s call for a spot kick earlier in the game was not then given. An arguably clearer incident worthy of the same outcome as Sterling’s. Very strange indeed.

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