Former UFC middleweight title contender and current broadcaster Chael Sonnen thinks that Conor McGregor‘s post-fight comments at UFC 264 are being overblown by the general public.

The controversy stems from McGregor’s comments during his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan while he was receiving medical attention after he snapped his left leg in the closing seconds of the opening round against Dustin Poirier. A furious McGregor attacked Poirier and his wife in the octagon just minutes after the official decision was read as a doctor’s stoppage win for Poirier.

Despite the uncomfortable and offensive tone behind McGregor’s comments, Sonnen defended McGregor for continuing to promote himself despite the unusual circumstances.

“Think about it if you’re in Conor’s spot,” Sonnen said. “Your leg is broken and you know right now at this moment, the truth: which is my career has just changed. Whether it’s over for good or it’s not, it’s going to be one hell of a path back. Imagine if you would yell at somebody, imagine if this could be your last day at work unless you throw a hail mary pass.”

“Going after Dustin’s wife, I could understand how that’s out of line. Guys after wins deal with an adrenaline dump. Imagine the low you would be in if you were in Conor’s shoes. To attempt to judge Conor for not being happy with the situation, because of the words he’s used, I don’t know about that. Give a pause towards the hatred towards Conor McGregor.”

Leading up to the fight at UFC 264, McGregor had said on multiple occasions that he intended to send Poirier out on a stretcher when they fought. But after he was the one who was carted out after suffering a fractured tibia, fans, and critics around the MMA community called “karma” when referring to McGregor’s situation.

McGregor is expected to be on crutches for at least six weeks, and will then begin the process of rehabilitating and eventually working his way back to a UFC return.

What are your thoughts on Chael Sonnen’s comments about Conor McGregor?

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