Kickboxer and MMA fighter Joe Schilling has been in hot water ever since footage leaked from a physical altercation he had with an intoxicated bar patron in Florida. But it appears that he won’t pay the price legally for the incident in which he knocked out the drunken man in the middle of the bar.

Schilling’s name emerged in the news after a video, showing Schilling confronting and then violently knocking out a man at a Florida bar, went viral on social media. The MMA community has been split on their reaction, with some saying it was warranted with others saying it was completely uncalled for by Schilling.

Weeks have passed since the incident became public, but the 37-year-old former Bellator standout sat down with MMA reporter Helen Yee to provide an update on his legal situation.

“I can’t really speak about what happened that night. I think the witnesses testimonies out there, a lot of people aren’t covering it, the guy’s personal track record and criminal history is out there but nobody seems to be talking about it,” Schilling said.

“No charges have been filed whatsoever, and it’s just a lot of media speculation at this point. I did nothing wrong, and I stand by that.”

As of right now, no charges have been filed against Schilling after the altercation, but that could change in the coming weeks and months ahead. Directly following the video going viral, Schilling came out publically and said that the victim of the assault had made racist remarks regarding Schilling’s romantic partner, but there is no clear evidence outside of eyewitness testimony.

Schilling was released from Bellator following his loss to Tony Johnson at Bellator 229. He remains a free agent and hasn’t voiced his desires to compete again in the near future for any promotion.

What are your thoughts on the Joe Schilling assault case?

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