Former Crystal Palace chairman Simon Jordan has accused Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley of “sitting there like a dog with two proverbials” after the club’s takeover saga continued.

It was announce yesterday that the Newcastle takeover saga will rumble on into next year after the Premier League arbitration hearing was adjourned.

Magpies fans face months of more frustration as they wait to find out if the Saudi Arabian-backed bid will succeed.

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The delay, caused by “issues with the disclosure of evidence”, means current owner Mike Ashley could remain at the helm for the whole of next season.

That is also likely to have an impact on any potential transfer budget available to manager Steve Bruce.

A joint statement from the Premier League and Newcastle read: “The parties attended a hearing today in the case between Newcastle United and the Premier League.

“The main hearing of the arbitration has regrettably now been adjourned until early 2022 due to issues with the disclosure of evidence.

“The parties will be making no further comment at this time.”

Speaking after the Premier League arbitration hearing was adjourned, Jordan talkSPORT: “Mike Ashley is sitting there – with the greatest respect in the world to Mike, he’s not my mate, he’s an acquaintance – like a dog with two proverbials because he’s got 17 million quid of non-refundable deposit out of a deal that Amanda didn’t due her due diligence on.

“She didn’t understand about the parameters of what’s going to break this deal down. When you do a deal, you understand where it breaks and you take that off the table before it breaks and Amanda has put the Saudis into a position where, potentially, 17 million pounds has gone into Mike Ashley’s pocket.

“He will, perhaps, use that to pay for some of the arbitration while sitting there. There is not one single question from you or the Newcastle fanbase about how much money Mike Ashley is going to spend on Newcastle next year if he’s still there.

“It’s all deflected away from him and what we’re now talking about is a corrupt big six and a corrupt Premier League when really what we’re talking about is a situation that’s very difficult to overcome.

“The reasons why this arbitration, in my view, has fallen down at the first stage is because I think this is what has happened. They’ve walked into a room and the Premier League have said, ‘We want you to unequivocally prove that there is no link between the PIF, the Saudi state and piracy’ and the Saudis have gone, ‘Hang on a second. We want you to prove that there is no link of corruption of the big six having an undue influence’.

“This is my supposition. The Premier League have said, ‘We don’t have to prove anything to you. We’re the Premier League. You’re wanting to join our gang. We’ve got an issue with you. It’s incumbent upon you to disclose what we’re asking you to disclose’.

“All of a sudden, transparency isn’t so important for those that are calling for transparency.”


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