American Taylor Fritz is competing at the Mifel Open this week, just six weeks after undergoing knee surgery following Roland Garros. While the 22-year-old’s focus is fully on the court, he has found time this week to explore the new tournament venue in Los Cabos, which is built from nature.

The Cabo Sports Complex has been developed by using materials from the land, with the walls and the structure of the area built from natural minerals. Fritz is a massive advocate of the ATP 250 venue that holds the tag line, ‘Sync With Nature’.

“It almost feels like a vacation,” Fritz said. “It is always nice being out here. The whole decoration is built off the land which is really cool. I think this venue is so great for the fans, so I am really excited for the future.”

The complex, which is based by the desert, is only set to improve in the future, with a 3,500 seater stadium court set to be ready for next year. It possess 16 acres of space, which makes it Los Cabos’ largest complex that is available to the public.

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