Hide the baby oil.

Pita Taufatofua, international sensation and flag bearer of Tonga, qualified for his third Olympics, and he made his debut at the games in the only way he knows how: shirtless and slathered in about two gallons of baby oil.

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Taufatofua is a dual-sport athlete: At the summer games, he competes in taekwondo, while also competing in the winter Olympics in cross-country skiing. Unfortunately, the 37-year-old is still searching for his first medal in the Olympic games.

This is the third time that Taufatofua has been the flag bearer for Tonga, and he still hasn’t bought a shirt. His prior two appearances have been equally as bare, but his 2021 turn may be triply as shiny, with the naked torso of the beefy lad more glossy than it’s ever been. Maybe it’s just the latest and greatest in HDTVs.

Taufatofua is quite the catch: Not only does he have an engineering degree, but he’s also working on his master’s degree and was a model at age 18 (if you couldn’t already tell).

Though viewers of the opening ceremony likely have had their fill of coffee or orange juice for the morning, a lot of them were still very thirsty. Viewers waited with bated breath for the arrival of Taufatofua, and they got him. All of him.

If the whole Olympics thing doesn’t work out, might we suggest Mr. Olympia, Mr. Taufatofua?

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