Rivals national recruiting director Adam Gorney and national recruiting analyst Sam Spiegelman along with Mark Passwaters of AggieYell.com and Michael Langston of Warchant.com tackle three recruiting topics and determine whether or not they believe each statement.


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Texas and Oklahoma in the SEC would be very detrimental to Texas A&M’s recruiting efforts.

Jimbo Fisher
Jimbo Fisher (Getty Images)

Gorney’s take: FICTION. Upon the news of Texas and Oklahoma potentially joining the SEC, Texas A&M athletics director Ross Bjork said he wants A&M to be the only team from the state of Texas in the conference and that the reason the Aggies left the Big 12 in the first place was to have their own identity. But I really don’t think Texas and Oklahoma joining the SEC would hurt Texas A&M’s recruiting efforts all that much, especially if the Aggies can get to the College Football Playoff soon and even win a national title. Jimbo Fisher is a great recruiter. He has a great staff of recruiters. There is a tremendous amount to sell when it comes to that program. I feel like Bjork’s comments sold A&M a little short and that the Aggies should fear no one right now. The gauntlet of the SEC could expose Texas and Oklahoma a little and that would be a recruiting advantage for A&M. Does it make things easier? No. But the A&M program feels like it’s on a trajectory to the playoff and I don’t think much could stop it.

Passwaters’ take: FICTION. The arrival of Texas and Oklahoma in the SEC sure as heck won’t help A&M’s recruiting, but let’s be real here: if you’re already facing off with the likes of SEC powers Alabama, LSU and Georgia for recruits, what’s one or two more? In order to recruit effectively in this day and age, you have to hold serve in your own region while doing well on a national level. A&M has done that under Jimbo Fisher — in 2021, they signed players from nine different states and one from Australia. In 2022, they’re dominating Houston recruiting while chasing after talent around the country. New arrivals or not, the gameplan does not change.

Oklahoma has done just fine recruiting anyway and A&M hasn’t butted heads with them all that much of late; Texas, on the other hand, remains heavy competition. But A&M still has the better coach, better facilities and the better team, so it’s up to the assistants making the big bucks to earn their paychecks and continue to have success.




Travis Hunter could legitimately be ranked as the No. 1 receiver and No. 1 corner in the 2022 class.

Travis Hunter
Travis Hunter (Nick Lucero/Rivals.com)

Gorney’s take: FACT. The Florida State commit is one of the most dynamic athletes in Rivals history but he’s also supremely talented at both positions and could have an immediate impact on offense or defense for the Seminoles. Sure, there would be arguments and debates about whether Travis Hunter was better than other five-stars at both positions but he’s so good wherever he plays on the field that his impact is extraordinary. Hunter should be a tremendous asset at FSU and his athleticism at the NFL Combine in a few years should really catch the eye of NFL decision-makers.

Langston’s take: FICTION. This is a tough one because there is no doubt in my mind he’s the best athlete in the country. At wide receiver I absolutely believe he can be and is likely the most dynamic receiver in the country. He’s shown that. He’s also a big-time cornerback but he isn’t tested enough there to put him as the No. 1 corner in the country, at least not until he is tested consistently. That doesn’t take away from the fact he’s elite there but No. 1 I can’t say that yet. He’s the top player in the country as a whole as an athlete.




After his decommitment from Texas, Jaylon Guilbeau will leave the state to play college football.

Jaylon Guilbeau
Jaylon Guilbeau (Nick Lucero/Rivals.com)

Gorney’s take: FICTION. When Jaylon Guilbeau committed to Texas, he picked the Longhorns over USC, Penn State and Texas A&M with LSU, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Auburn and Oregon also involved in his recruitment. There were a ton of out-of-state programs involved in Guilbeau’s recruitment but I get the sense that TCU is going to have an edge in his recruitment moving forward and I wouldn’t 100 percent count out him re-committing to Texas, either. There will be a lot of attention from out-of-state programs but my bet is that Guilbeau stays close.

Spiegelman’s take: FICTION. TCU has already garnered some momentum after Guilbeau spent time on campus in Fort Worth earlier this offseason and has always been high on the Horned Frogs, which again are putting together a stellar 2022 class with a ton of in-state talent. Guilbeau, a Rivals250 corner that can also slide inside to the nickel, will also draw looks from other in-state schools like Texas A&M and Baylor. Out-of-state schools will make their pitch, but look for the Port Arthur native to remain in-state.

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