Jamie Carragher has hit back at Georginio Wijnaldum over the Dutchman’s claim that he “didn’t feel loved and appreciated” in his time with Liverpool.

Wijnaldum joined Paris Saint-Germain on a free transfer this summer and revealed he struggled with the finger of blame being pointed his way on occasions at Anfield.

Wijnaldum said: “There was a moment when I didn’t feel loved and appreciated.

“Not my team-mates, not the people at Melwood [Liverpool’s training ground]. From them, I know, I can say they all love me and I love them. It was not from that side, more the other side.”

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“I have to say also there was social media.

“When it went bad, I was the player who they blamed – that I wanted to leave.

“Every day in training and in the games, I gave everything I had to bring it to a good end because, during the years, Liverpool meant so much to me and because of the way the fans in the stadium were treating me.

“My feeling was that the fans in the stadium and the fans on social media were two different kinds.

“The fans in the stadium always supported me. Even when they came back [when fans could attend games], already knowing that I was going to leave, they still supported me and, in the end, they gave me a great farewell.

“On social media, if we lost, I was the one who got the blame.”

But Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has hit back at Wijnaldum, claiming his assertion is “not right”.

“I love Gini but this is not right, social media is a circus and every club has clowns,’ wrote Carragher.

He continued to claim that money, not mistreatment, was the main reason for Wijnaldum’s decision to leave, saying:

“He wanted more money and the club said no, that is football!”


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