EA Sports is slowly unveiling player ratings for “Madden NFL 22” throughout the week on various ESPN platforms.

Things began on Sunday, July 25 with a Kickoff Special at 12:30 p.m. ET on ESPN. The special revealed some of the initial rookie ratings along with the ratings of random players.


From there, individual groups of positions will be released before the full list is eventually revealed. Although if it’s anything like last year, the player ratings will essentially be the same as what the ratings were at the end of Madden 21. 

EA Sports releases an initial ratings launch, but then updates ratings throughout the year. The final ratings update happens after the Super Bowl. While the ratings change somewhat from the end of the season to the start of the new one, they’re usually not dramatic. 

The full ratings release schedule is as follows:

  • Monday (July 26): Wide receivers
  • Tuesday (July 27): Defensive linemen, edge rushers
  • Wednesday (July 28): Running backs
  • Thursday (July 29): Safeties
  • Friday (July 30): Quarterbacks 

The ratings will finish on Friday during a special edition of SportsCenter at 7:30 p.m. ET on ESPN. There, all of final ratings will be revealed. In the past couple of years, EA Sports has released an online database of player ratings to make it easier to see everything.

Below, we’ll update the player ratings as they’re announced.


Madden 22 ratings

ESPN and EA Sports will be slowly releasing the player ratings for Madden 22 throughout the week. We’ll know the full list of player ratings during a special edition of SportsCenter on Friday at 7:30 p.m. ET.

99 overall players

EA Sports’ announcement of the player ratings said a member of the 99 Club will be released each day. Following that lead, we’re projecting there will be five players (one for each day of the week) ranked 99 overall. At the end of Madden 21 there were six players in the 99 Club (99 is the highest overall rating Madden). Those players were Patrick Mahomes, Stephon Gilmore, Aaron Donald, Davante Adams, Travis Kelce and DeAndre Hopkins. 

Four players finished at 98 overall and those players include Tyreek Hill, Christian McCaffrey, Myles Garrett and Zack Martin. We’d imagine some mix of those players will be involved in the Madden 22 version of the 99 Club. It’ll be interesting to see if Mahomes, Kelce and Hill can become a 99 Club trio on the same team. 

Top 10 overall players in Madden 22

Full player ratings won’t be released until Friday, but we just listed the top 10 players from the end of Madden 21. While there might be a few changes, we’d expect the bulk of those names to be included in the Top 10 for Madden 22.

Madden 22 QB ratings

Quarterback rankings will be released Friday.

Madden 22 RB ratings

Running back rankings will be released Wednesday.

Madden 22 WR ratings

Wide receiver rankings will be released Monday.

Madden 22 TE ratings

Tight end rankings will be released Friday.

Madden 22 DE ratings

Defensive end ratings will be released Tuesday.

Madden 22 OLB ratings

OLB ratings will be released Tuesday.

Madden 22 MLB ratings

MLB rankings will be released Friday.

Madden 22 CB ratings

CB rankings will be released Friday.

Madden 22 safety ratings

Safety ratings will be released Thursday.

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