With Quinn Ewers set to enroll at Ohio State in the near future, the title of “top quarterback in the country” will move to another impressive prospect. The spring and summer camp seasons have given our experts a much better understanding of the quality of this years quarterback class. National Recruiting Director Adam Gorney and National Recruiting Analyst Adam Friedman make their case for who they think should be the highest ranked quarterback in the 2022 Rivals250.



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GORNEY: Cade Klubnik

Here’s the funny thing about Klubnik moving to a five-star ranking and making the argument that he’s now the best quarterback in the 2022 class: The Clemson commit was not lights-out fantastic at the Rivals Five-Star Challenge this summer.

Don’t get me wrong. Klubnik had great moments but was also inconsistent at times and I wasn’t sold he was a five-star after that showing. But then at the Elite 11, Klubnik was phenomenal from start to finish, he and Quinn Ewers set themselves apart from the pack and with Ewers out of the class and Klubnik doing so well, moving him up to a five-star was not an issue at all.

I wish Gunner Stockton did some national events to compare the two on the same field. That didn’t happen and I preferred Klubnik slightly over LSU commit Walker Howard so I’d say the Clemson pledge is now the best QB in the 2022 class.



Gunner Stockton    

Honestly, I’d be fine with Klubnik or Stockton as the top quarterback in the class at this point. Stockton’s film from last season was outstanding but he hasn’t really been seen since then. He doesn’t participate in many offseason events so it’s hard to get a gauge on his development at this point. Klubnik wasn’t overly impressive in Atlanta at the Five-Star Challenge but it’s not hard to see him as the top quarterback in this class either.

Each of them have holes in their games and it’s splitting hairs but right now I’ll side with Stockton over Klubnik. It will be great to see how far they’ve both come during the upcoming season.


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