George Russell continues to dominate the qualifying scoreline at Williams as he has since he arrived in F1 two years ago.

As well as being 11-0 up on Nicholas Latifi so far this year, he was never out-qualified by him all last season either, and came out on top every time against Robert Kubica in 2019 as well. Only on his one-off appearance for Mercedes last year has Russell been beaten by a team mate on Saturday – and even then there was only two-hundredths of a second in it.

These strong qualifying performances usually set Russell up to finish ahead of Latifi, assuming he doesn’t do something like trip over a Mercedes on the way as he did at Imola. But when points were finally there to be taken Latifi claimed most of them, and this wasn’t entirely against the run of play.

Russell’s first-lap performances haven’t been quite up to Latifi’s standard, and this has undermined some of those superior qualifying efforts. While Latifi has gained a total of 11 places on lap one this year, Russell has lost six. Naturally, this is partly because Russell has stood to lose more as he’s qualifying on average more than four places further up the grid.

But in Hungary – only the second time all season the pair shared the same row of the grid – Latifi got ahead of Russell at the start and stayed there. Russell enjoyed better pace in the second half of the race once he got into clear air and caught his team mate quickly, but Latifi beat him to the larger points haul by just over a second.

Russell is widely and deservedly tipped to have a future as a Mercedes driver. But Latifi can feel satisfied by how close he’s got to his highly-rated team mate on occasions in qualifying, held his own on race day, and reaped a surprising dividend as a result.

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George Russell vs Nicholas Latifi: Key stats

George Russell vs Nicholas Latifi: Who finished ahead at each round

George Russell vs Nicholas Latifi: Qualifying gap

Times based on the last qualifying round at each race weekend in which both drivers set a time. Negative indicates George Russell was faster, positive means Nicholas Latifi was faster

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