In the round-up: George Russell says Robert Kubica was unlucky with the circumstances of his temporary return to Formula 1 and hopes he gets another chance.

In brief

Kubica unlucky with return – Russell

Russell and Kubica were team mates at Williams during 2019. Kubica started the last two races as a substitute for Kimi Raikkonen, who is set to return to the car at Sochi next week.

“It’s always good to have Robert on the grid,” said Russell. “Robert is a fantastic guy, a great driver. I hope he gets another shot in Formula 1.

“I feel sorry for him because he got thrown in for FP3 onwards in Zandvoort and then he arrives at Monza and it’s a sprint event and you don’t have the time to improve the car. For any driver, that’s very, very difficult.

“But every time he jumps in, he makes the most of the situation. I think he did a good job this weekend and in Zandvoort. I hope we see him in Formula 1.”

Norris pleased Ricciardo’s struggles are over

Norris and Ricciardo celebrated with the McLaren staff

Ahead of the Italian Grand Prix McLaren trailed Ferrari by 181.5 points to 170, and Norris had scored more than twice as points as team mate Daniel Ricciardo. However Ricciardo’s return to form and victory at Monza has pushed McLaren ahead of their rivals in the standings.

Norris said Ricciardo is “definitely a lot closer for sure” than he was earlier in the season. “It’s also good for me in a way – as much as I hate it because you just want to beat everyone in every circumstance – it’s only going to push me more and push the whole team more and help us as a team with the constructors as well.

“We’re racing against Ferrari who’ve got two extremely good drivers so to beat them week in, week out, it’s been a tough first half of the season for us when Daniel has been struggling a little bit. But now he’s come through a bit more and I think he’s showing what Daniel can do and everyone knows he can do, and the reason he came to McLaren, it’s only going to be better for all of us.”

FRE’s Colpainto loses win over track limits infringement

Formula Regional Europe racer Franco Colapinto has lost his victory in Sunday’s race at the Red Bull Ring due to a track limits infringement. The series organisers handed him a 10-second time penalty four days after the race after studying the onboard cameras from all 33 cars.

Championship leader Gregoire Saucy inherited the victory, his eighth of the season, while Colapinto fell to fourth place behind Gabriel Bortoleto and Zane Maloney. It was another blow for Colapinto, who withdrew from the Monaco race weekend after being excluded from the results of qualifying.

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