The polarizing YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul is upping the ante for a potential boxing fight with Tommy Fury after he accused the British star of turning down multiple offers to fight him at a later date.

Paul is fresh off of his split-decision win just weeks ago over UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, in what was by far his toughest test in the boxing ring. Fury earned a win on the same card over former Bellator standout Anthony Taylor by a unanimous decision.

The two have gone back and forth on social media since Paul’s knockout over former UFC welterweight Ben Askren earlier this year, in which Fury called out Paul to be his next opponent in the ring. But, Paul’s team opted to go with the veteran Woodley instead of Fury.

It is widely expected that a Paul vs. Fury fight is the bout to make next, especially after negotiations over a Woodley rematch appeared to stall. Paul accused Fury of turning down offers to fight him and increased his final offer.

“Tommy “Fury” has denied 2 abundant offers from my team,” Paul said in a tweet. “Timmy “Fury”, this is your last offer. $1 million, 8 rounds. 4x more than you have ever made. Either step up and fight OR accept that you and your Dad don’t believe in you.”

Fury and Paul escalated tensions following their last bouts, engaging in a heated altercation backstage. The incident nearly turned physical before security personnel intervened on both sides.

Tommy is the younger brother of Tyson Fury, the world-famous heavyweight champion and arguably the best in the sport of boxing. He is just 22 years old and is widely regarded as the potential future of the sport.

Do you think we’ll see Tommy Fury vs. Jake Paul next?

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