In the round-up: Mattia Binotto says all manufacturers involved in talks about Formula 1’s future power unit regulations agree the MGU-H should be dropped.

In brief

MGU-H dismissed in future power unit regulation talks

With talks on F1’s 2025-26 power unit regulations ongoing, Mattia Binotto said that every manufacturer represented in the discussion agreed that MGU-H would not be part of future regulations.

“Discussions have happened since the last meeting in Austria,” Binotto said. “Obviously on the next steps in the direction of defining the future of the power unit. So far the discussions we’ve had have been positive.

“Most of or all the manufacturers are agreeing on the track to remove the MGU-H. So we, as the others, are in agreement with that.

“There are a lot of details of it still to be discussed and agreed but I think that generally speaking, the discussion is moving on positively at the moment.”

Alonso: Alpine facing “ups and downs” for remainder of season

Alpine weren’t competitive at Monza

Fernando Alonso said that Alpine’s Monza performance had been a known low point but that the rest of the season would be hard to predict their potential over.

“I think there’s going to be ups and downs for everybody,” Alonso said. “We saw, in this triple header, that we are up and down in the level of competitiveness and on the grid.

“In Spa we were okay on the dry, we were not okay with the wet. In Zandvoort we were okay all weekend, [in Monza] we were not. So I think it’s track dependent and so I don’t know what’s happening in Russia, Turkey and Austin, how it’s going to be.

“I think it will be better. I would say that Monza was already in the calendar as one of the worst. We knew that. So we will see. In what was one of the worst weekends potentially it was a P7 and P9. That’s something that is our strength as a team to score points every Sunday.

“We don’t have probably the fastest car in the midfield, but we seem to have probably the best team on the midfield, so that’s allowed us to score points.”

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