We would all like to get the ball up and down from inside 100 yards, but the reality is that for the majority of us we are more likely to take four to get down than we are to take two. Most of the top players and coaches I’ve discussed pitching with over the years have shared that they utilize some form of a template to encourage feel and familiarity with all the different shots we encounter from inside 100 yards. Here are a few ideas that I’ve found to work best for the everyday golfer. Watch….

I have three primary wedges that I might use for playing pitch type shots. There’s a strong chance that you have a slightly different wedge make up to the one I have. The idea here is to limit the two most lofted clubs to a comfortable distance less than a full swing. Here are my thoughts with each of my clubs:


  • A full swing will carry 85 yards with this club but I never will attempt to hit it that far

  • I will use this club outside of the chipping zone all the way up to 60 yards and no further

  • A sensible “core distance” to practice with this club is 50 yards

  • Ball position is always centered with a narrow stance and the weight favoring the front foot 60/40


  • A full swing will carry 100 yards with this club but I will not try to hit it that far

  • This club covers the 60-90 yard range which means a sensible “core distance” will be 75 yards

  • I will also focus on the feel required to hit this club both 60 and 90 yards

  • Set up and approach is the same with all pitch type shots


  • This club covers the 90-110 yard range

  • A sensible “core distance” to practice with this club is 100 yards

  • An important feel with this club is to practice what 90 yard shots feel like

  • Keep in mind that a full swing for this club is 110 yards and I will use this club for that distance by reverting from a pitching set up to my full swing set up

This will take a little thought and some planning, but doesn’t anything that’s worthwhile doing? Create your zones, commit to the plan, anticipate some early stage discomfort as you acquire the necessary skills and build appropriate practice habits over time.

Give it a try and I know you’ll reach out fairly soon to say how much better you’re able to control your golf ball from inside 100 yards. All the best.

Thanks for reading!

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