In this article I’m going to share three helpful exercises to help you smooth out the tempo of your golf swing. Let’s get the oil of the golf swing flowing through your engine! Watch….

I work with golfers on an almost everyday basis to help them complete the backswing and ultimately improve the rhythm and flow in their golf swings. These three drills will help:

Three Ball Drill

  • Tee up three golf balls and do this drill with a 9 or 8 iron

  • Keep in mind that the rhythm does not have to be slow here

  • Make full, completed backswings where you flow from one strike straight into the next

Towel/Rope Drill

  • Use a bath towel or heavier, marine gauge rope to do this drill

  • This will encourage patience as the downswing cannot start before the towel completes the backswing

  • Feel how the energy flows down into the end of the towel (clubhead)


Hideki Pause

  • In this drill you’ll feel an almost invisible pause at the top of your backswing

  • Try to pause for as long as you comfortably can

  • This does a tremendous job to give any golfer the sense of a full and completed backswing

Now, I know that mechanics play a big role in any golf game, but sometimes all we need is a better feel and sense of rhythm in our golf swings to get things headed in the appropriate direction. Give a few of these drills a try and see what it can do for your game. Especially when you get a little anxious and tight out there!

Thanks for your readership and support throughout 2020! I know we have all learned so much together this year and I look forward to learning and sharing together in 2021.


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