A few key points:

Level 1

  • Technical, slow , tedious and deliberate

  • Ball on a tee

  • Feel the positions

  • Incorporate pauses in the motion

  • Lots of rehearsal

  • Soft, tapping little shots

Level 2

  • Blend in rhythm

  • Slow motion without any pauses

  • Ball on starts a tee and then we get it on the ground

  • Lots of rehearsal between each shot

  • Shots will not go very far

Level 3

  • Start off at about 3/4 speed

  • Ball on the ground

  • Slowly build up to 100% speed

  • Continue to make rehearsals between each shot

Keep in mind that objective of any technical swing work is to upgrade the mechanics while still operating at full, or perhaps even, faster speed. It’s also important to note that this method of practice only addresses the technical side. There is so much more required in order to take it to the course and that’s why I often talk about…


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