The Pittsburgh Steelers found an unlikely way to get a shocking win as they took down the Baltimore Ravens Sunday. Can they now make the playoffs?

When the Pittsburgh Steelers somehow found a way to upend the Baltimore Ravens Sunday, they also found a way to keep their chances at making the playoffs alive. Baltimore fell to 8-4 with the loss and the Steelers now sit at 6-5-1. Pittsburgh might be able to find a way to play its way into the playoff picture.

The chances that the Steelers make it aren’t great, but hey, there’s a chance.


There’s an opportunity for the Steelers to make the playoffs, but the path there is going to be difficult. The Steelers will have to get some unlikely wins and they’re not exactly a team that’s built to have a ton of success right now.

It doesn’t help that Pittsburgh’s remaining schedule isn’t exactly easy.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens: Can the Steelers make the playoffs?

While the unlikely win over Baltimore is shocking and does indicate that the Steelers have the ability to upset some pretty good teams, their remaining schedule doesn’t indicate that getting to the playoffs will be a breeze.

Next week, the Steelers have to go to the Minnesota Vikings. Following that, they’ve got a home game against the Tennessee Titans in Week 15. Week 16 features a road game against the Kansas City Chiefs and then Week 17 will have the Steelers playing the Cleveland Browns. To wrap up the regular season, Pittsburgh will face the Ravens in Baltimore.

That’s not a cakewalk. If they can’t find a way to navigate what remains of their schedule, the Steelers’ playoff hopes are done.

But hey, maybe they can make this happen.

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