Former Gunners striker Emmanuel Adebayor has criticised Arsenal over their treatment of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang as “they never know how to forgive”.

The striker has provided seven goals and two assists from his 15 appearances for Arsenal this season.

Aubameyang has not played for the Gunners since December. He has fallen out of favour after being stripped of the club’s captain’s armband because of a “disciplinary breach”.

Early Loser: Arsenal, whether with or without Aubameyang

The 32-year-old has been linked with a move away and up to six teams are interested in him.

Adebayor previously spent four years at Arsenal between 2005 and 2009. He went onto have a spell at Tottenham.

As quoted by the Evening Standard, Adebayor has acknowledged that Aubameyang is going “through a lot” at the moment:

“I know he’s going through a lot, because that’s Arsenal for you.

“They never knew how to forgive, so I know he went through a lot. He’s a fantastic player, I wish him all the best – I’ve sent him a message already.

“We just want him to bounce back. Whether we like it or not, he’s an African brother and we want him to keep representing Africa the way he was doing before.”

On if Aubameyang could return, he added: “I don’t think so, this is what I know because it happened to me also.

“Not in the same way but in Arsenal, a way back I would be surprised [to see]. But he’s a great player so let’s see how it ends up.”

Speaking last week, Jermaine Pennant encouraged Aubameyang to sign for Newcastle:

“Having been stripped of the captaincy. There’s rarely a way back so the sooner Arsenal can agree a transfer, whether it’s loan or permanent, the better.

“Aubameyang is still a great player so this could be a chance to get another big move off the back of this and also a chance for Arsenal to make some money out of a transfer, which rarely happens.

“As mentioned previously, I do think Newcastle could be a great move for Aubameyang; yes, they’re currently struggling in the league but considering there are funds available to prop up the team, this could be a wise move for him and from Arsenal’s point of view, Newcastle have got the money to pay for someone like Aubameyang.

“But equally, if the Saudis are ready to move forward with a deal, that may be the best for now as at least there’s one thing less to worry about seeing that chances are, he’s going.”

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