As Aaron Rodgers’ future remains murky, it’s clear that the Green Bay Packers and Matt LaFleur want the talented quarterback to stay with them.

It doesn’t look like Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur is ready to lose his transcendentally talented quarterback.

Aaron Rodgers, who could very well be leaving Green Bay sooner rather than later, is one of the greatest in NFL history. It’s no surprise that LaFleur would apparently appreciate having Rodgers around for a little while longer.

It looks like LaFleur has been doing what he cans to convince Rodgers to remain in Green Bay. LaFleur has reportedly chatted with Rodgers and is hopeful that he’ll make the decision to continue playing for the Packers. If LaFleur had his way, Rodgers would be a Packer up until he reached retirement.

Green Bay Packers: Matt LaFleur, Packers want Aaron Rodgers to stick around in Green Bay

It’s hard to blame LaFleur for wanting a generational talent like Rodgers. He’s had a few controversial moments over this past season, but Rodgers (and other quarterbacks who are talented like him) makes it a lot easier to win.

Getting him back would be huge for Green Bay’s future.

Plus, it doesn’t seem like LaFleur is overly confident in his backup quarterback’s ability to step in as the starting quarterback for the Packers. According to LaFleur, Jordan Love still has some room to grow.

If there’s no heir apparent ready to take over as the starting quarterback, that’s even more reason to do everything possible to convince Rodgers to stick around for the foreseeable future.

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