Brittany Matthews wishes she could be herself online with no consequences for her actions.

Brittany Matthews tweeted a message about her being harassed online.

Matthews is the fiancée of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and the mother to their child. They have been together since high school. While she has been there every step of the way with him since growing up in Tyler, Texas, Matthews and Mahomes’ younger brother Jackson have become social media lightning rods that have become distractions for the Chiefs franchise.

Here she is wishing she could just be herself online without having to deal with the consequences of doing things like spraying champagne all over Chiefs fans after a playoff victory from up in their suite.

Brittany Matthews wishes she would not get harassed online by her critics

Look. Matthews and Jackson Mahomes might be family, but they need to figure out that tasteless TikTok videos and ripping the refs on Twitter do not help the Chiefs win games. In fact, what it does it put an unfair burden on the star quarterback’s shoulders. He is an incredible talent on loaded roster, but this TikTok tag team has made it hard for a third-party to root for the Chiefs.

Ultimately, this is not about them, it is about the team. There are plenty of reasons why everyone outside of Chiefs Kingdom is rooting for Joe Burrow and the up-and-coming Cincinnati Bengals to do the unthinkable in the AFC Championship Game on Sunday. While it is cool to be a part of a superstar’s inner circle, this kind of backlash is what you sign up for when you do not act right.

The only way to silence the critics is to keep on winning, or willingly step out of the spotlight.

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