The Green Bay Packers future at quarterback might not ready right now. Matt LaFleur seems to think Jordan Love has room for growth.

With the situations surrounding Aaron Rodgers’ future being a little unclear, the Green Bay Packers need to focus on their future at quarterback. Jordan Love is their current backup and he’s filled in for Rodgers some this season, but it appears as if that’s not enough experience.

Matt LaFleur, the head coach for the Packers, spoke about Love on Monday. According to LaFleur, Love has developed and shown improvement, but it appears as if there’s still room for more improvement to be made.

It looks like LaFleur thinks Love needs more experience and opportunities to refine his skills.

That’s not the sort of statement that inspires a lot of confidence if the Packers were ever in a situation where they needed to turn to Love and have him start immediately for them. Which, well, could be sooner rather than later depending on what Rodgers does.

Green Bay Packers: Matt LaFleur believes Jordan Love has room to grow

Having room to grow isn’t necessarily a bad thing, all things considered. Everybody has room to improve within their respective career field.

Not being ready to take over as the starting quarterback should Rodgers end up taking off for some other team?

Well, that’s not exactly great.

If Love isn’t in a position where he can take over as the starting quarterback for the Packers and go on to have success, then that could put Green Bay in an interesting position. Love is a young guy who could potentially thrive in the NFL. It just appears as if he may need more time to get to that point.

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